Corporate Sponsorship

When we align with brands and corporations, we look at it as a very powerful and positive partnership.

We look for authentic collaboration – ones where our community, the wider market and media will see an authentic union and get behind it.

We are forward-thinking and proud of our vision. We stand behind our brand and ethos and we seek like minded partnerships.

What’s in it for you?

  • We offer recognition through exposure, possibility of your logo on our website, with thanks for being a much valued sponsor.
  • Major sponsors can be recognised and thanked in media interviews.
  • You support us and we support you. Come speak and have
    your branding at our launch and future fundraising events.
  • Potential to become a member on our board.
  • Your brand is aligned with a charity that is much needed and that supports the community.
  • Your brand is aligned with something positive that will inform and prevent late diagnosis which in turn saves lives.
  • Your brand is part of a new awareness movement.

Types of Corporate Support

  • Financial Support
  • Product Partnership
  • Campaign Sponsorship
  • Media Support
  • Pro-bono Support
  • Staff Engagement
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Celebrity and Influencer-Endorsed Campaigns
  • Educational initiatives
  • Do you have a unique idea? We are open to this!

We know that within the charity space, we stand out from the crowd

We offer the unique opportunity to work with our organisation on a national level, in a space that for so long has been overlooked by media and the public – gynaecological health.

We were founded by a gynaecological cancer survivor, who has been a keynote speaker and face of multiple campaigns, delivering speeches both here and abroad, she knows what it is to be diagnosed, and is driven to provide the information she wish she’d had in order to reduce our shocking late stage gynaecological cancer diagnosis statistics.

Support us pro-bono

If you are a brand or business who may not have the financial means to contribute to our organisation but still would like to be engaged and supportive, we would love to forge a pro-bono partnership with you! We can do this by working with your staff, and/or utilising your services/products to make a positive impact to our organisation.

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