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Event Fundraising

Yes!!  The world needs more of you!

It’s so important to help spread awareness in order to reduce late stage diagnosis, and to support those struggling with one, we applaud you and thank you for supporting your community!

Let’s do this!

We want your fundraiser to be a successful one so we have made a Fundraising Toolkit to make it easy for you! The Talk Peach Fundraising Toolkit includes:

  • guidelines
  • handy hints
  • how to bank funds raised
  • promotional material
  • an editable letter to encourage local businesses to donate to your event through prize donations (products / experiences) food, drink or venue hire.

The Fundraising Toolkit is downloadable to ensure your fundraising event is fun and super easy for you to set up, clever aren’t we!

Thank you so much for your support – we couldn’t do it without you!

Request Fundraising Toolkit