Sex and Gynaecological Cancer

Sex and gynaecological cancer guide- created by Adult Toy Megastore in conjunction with Talk Peach and gynaecological cancer health care professionals.

This guide provides the best recommendations for sex toys and intimate products for people diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer, to reconnect with their bodies and enjoy satisfying sex lives.

The guide is focused on pleasure and covers the following topics:
Improving sexual desire
Connecting with your body
Sex toys
Cleaning and storage information
Other ways to enjoy sexual pleasure
Product recommendations are provided for common issues including:
Following a hysterectomy
Shortened vagina
Following a vulvectomy
Vaginal dryness
Improving libido


Reconnecting with our bodies is part of the healing process, and over time we can improve our sexual desire, intimacy, and our sex lives in general. We are all deserving of sexual pleasure, and we hope this guide will give you the knowledge and the tools to get stated on your journey and know that you’re not alone.
Please note: If in doubt always chat to your medical team.
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