Our Story

Founder, Tash Crosby, launched Talk Peach because she’s been there, and very nearly wasn’t here to tell the tale. Diagnosed in 2016 with ovarian cancer, Tash Crosby is one of only 15% of people caught at stage one; 85% of those diagnosed are caught in the later stages of the disease when treatment options are limited, and rates of survival extremely poor.

Out of the 1000 New Zealanders diagnosed per year with a gynaecological cancer, a third of them will have ovarian cancer – the deadliest type – with an average five year survival rate of around 40 per cent. To compare, breast cancers have a five year survival rate of more than 80 per cent.

We are here to educate the public on the early and often subtle signs of gynaecological cancers, and to empower people to advocate for their health. We’re also here to help those who have been diagnosed, to ask the right questions, and advocate for themselves if they aren’t being listened to.

Its time to Talk Peach.

Breast Cancer awareness is a great model to aspire to. It’s taken some years and hard work, but now it is openly talked about, rugby teams wear pink shirts and monuments are lit up to honour the fight against it. It has a strong presence and the public are more aware than ever before. Talking about a mammogram or your breasts is socially okay; now we have to start using words like vagina and vulva in public. We don’t usually dive into that conversation, but we need to start talking about our gynaecological health, honestly and openly.

Our goal is to upskill the public and health professionals, as well as to
empower people to take ownership of their gynaecological health.

The best chance of survival is an early detection, know the signs and help us save New Zealanders and their whanau the heartbreak of a late stage diagnosis.

Our Vision

To inform New Zealanders on gynaecological disease and connect and support those who are diagnosed.

Our Mission
  • To provide education on gynaecological health
  • To educate the community on the signs and symptoms of the 5 gynaecological cancers in order to reduce late diagnosis
  • To provide information and support to all those diagnosed with gynaecological cancers
  • To support those involved with life-saving research into gynaecological cancer treatment and cures.
  • To advocate for better funding into: education and awareness, research, clinical trials, access to medications, and better pathways to diagnostic testing.

Board Members

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Tash Crosby – Founder and Director

Ovarian cancer survivor, learning and behaviour specialist with the Ministry of Education, and Talk Peach founder.

Upon being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Tash was shocked by the lack of public awareness regarding gynaecological disease: Its signs, symptoms, and treatment.

Through her battle, Tash has amassed a community of fellow sufferers from around the globe. She is passionate about providing others with the knowledge and support that she felt had been lacking through her own diagnosis and recovery.

As an ovarian cancer survivor, Tash is aware of what needs to happen in order to educate the public. She is dedicated to raising public awareness of gynaecological disease in order to reduce the horrific rates of late stage diagnosis, to connect and support those whom are suffering, and to ensure that others are better equipped to advocate for their health.

Tash has appeared in nationwide campaigns, informational videos, been keynote speaker at large events, spoken at training workshops in New Zealand and internationally and has been interviewed across all media channels. Her efforts to raise awareness saw her invited to speak at the recent Government Health Talks.

With sheer passion, dedication and determination, Tash has single single-handedly set about creating Talk Peach from the ground up. It has been an emotional project that will aim to save many people and their whanau the heartbreak of a late stage diagnosis.

Tash is an experienced public speaker with an incredible personal story to share. She delivers speeches and corporate presentations that are educational and empowering. To discuss a speaking opportunity, please email info@talkpeach.org.nz

It’s time to TALK PEACH.

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Vicki Crosby

Vicki has lived and worked for 21 years in Australia, the Pacific Islands, Asia and the Middle East. For many years she has held senior roles in risk management and health and safety with a major international engineering design company within the oil and gas industry.

As a senior administrator she provided and coordinated support to a team of regional Directors for the company’s critical incident management system comprising crisis, emergency, business continuity and security management. Part of her role involved collating and summarising information from HSE teams across 26 countries and then presenting this in monthly statistical reports to the Regional Directors.

Vicki is currently employed as the Office and Administration Manager for an international research company.

On a more personal level Vicki was the primary caregiver to her daughter Tash while she went through her cancer treatment and convalescence. During this very challenging time she had the privilege of supporting Tash who strove not only to do everything in her power to improve her own chances of making a full recovery but made it her personal mission to support and inform others who were facing similar challenges in their lives.

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Roanne Parker

Over 25 years, Roanne has grown and sold a number of companies across a broad range of sectors. Today her commercial interests are predominantly in the areas of digital, technology and marketing data, from where she has delivered expertise to many of New Zealand’s most successful organisations, along with mentoring and support to companies in their earlier stages.

Roanne is  currently an Independent Director on the boards of New Zealand Lotteries Commission (Lotto NZ), MetService and Pulse Energy. She holds a Certificate of Company Direction from the Institute of Directors in New Zealand. Based in Auckland, health and fitness nut, entrepreneur and professional director Roanne had no family history or risk factors for cancer. However in May 2018, Roanne was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, so she understands first hand. Fortunate to be diagnosed in the early stage of cancer and on her way to recovery from major surgery and chemotherapy, Roanne is understandably passionate and committed to raising the profile of gynaecological cancers and creating more survivors with education and early diagnosis.

Roanne is an experienced public speaker with an incredible personal story to share. She delivers speeches and corporate presentations that are educational and empowering. To discuss a speaking opportunity, please email info@talkpeach.org.nz

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Help us raise awareness

Let’s save lives together by spreading the word on the signs and symptoms of the5 gynaecological cancers.

Website Illustrations

Artist: Deveney Cyrus

We’re lucky to work alongside great artists like Deveney Cyrus, a freelance illustrator based in Amsterdam. Specialising in visual design combined with her background in marketing and communications, Deveney’s artwork embodies the spirit of Talk Peach – bold, eye-catching and inclusive.