Gynaecological Cancer

There are five gynaecological cancers:

Every year, approximately 1000 New Zealanders are diagnosed with 1 of the 5 gynaecological cancers.

Approximately 400 New Zealanders will die from one every year.

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Cervical smears do not detect all 5 of the gynaecological cancers

Cervical smears only detect cervical cancer

Currently, there are no screening options for detecting the other 4 gynaecological cancers

This is why it’s imperative we are talking! It’s absolutely crucial you know the signs in order to take charge of your body and your health and avoid the heartbreak of a late stage diagnosis.

Early detection and diagnosis is vital when it comes to survival.
We are dedicated to raising awareness and educating the public on the signs and symptoms, in order to reduce late stage diagnosis.

Gynaecological cancer doesn’t discriminate.

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Early Detection Saves Lives

If you notice any changes, or if something doesn’t feel right, or if you notice anything that isn’t the normal for you, see your GP straight away. You know your body better than anyone else, never ever feel silly about getting a medical opinion.

Taking charge of your health and your body is empowering!

To learn more about how to see your GP and getting the conversation started about gynaecological health, click the button below.