Financial Support

The cost of cancer care may be a concern if you or a family member has been diagnosed 

Having cancer may mean you earn less because you have to work fewer hours due to feeling unwell or not work at all. You might also have extra expenses, such as travel, medical, hospital parking, petrol, accommodation if travelling away from home, childcare or heating costs etc this can add to you and/or your family’s stress, especially if the budget is already tight.

Below is a list of some of the support that is available for those undergoing cancer treatment:

Mortgage holiday

If you are paying off a mortgage you may want to consider taking a mortgage holiday. Some banks can offer a break from paying off your mortgage or have options to pay the interest-only for a certain time period. For more information get in touch with your bank to see if this applies and or what they can offer. 

Kiwi Saver – significant financial hardship or serious illness

If you can provide evidence that you are suffering from serious illness and/or significant financial hardship, you may qualify to withdraw some of your KiwiSaver savings. For more information contact your Kiwi saver provider or visit the Kiwi Saver website for more information.

Work and Income Services

Take a look at the WINZ online tool, to see what help you may qualify for. You can also check to see a full list of support that WINZ provides

Volunteer Driving Service Auckland

If you are finding it difficult to get to and from cancer-related appointments, the Cancer Society volunteer drivers may be able to assist. They can pick you up from home and return you after your appointment.  Please get in touch with The New Zealand Cancer Society for more info about this wonderful service. 


Domain Lodge functions like a motel, offering ‘home away from home’ accommodation for people who need to travel long distances for treatment in Auckland. Domain Lodge does not provide health or personal care. Domain Lodge can usually provide accommodation (one room only) free of charge for you and your supporter. Please contact Domain Lodge for more information.